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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you prefer a gift or a cash tip?
    Cash please. I prefer experiences over physical things, which is reflected in my wishlist. I’m a hippy minimalist and being gifted something I may not use is stressful! My favourite gift is a donation to the animal rescue charity I volunteer with. You can do this in person or via my wishlist.
  • Can I shower?
    I ask everyone to shower and use mouthwash at the start of the booking. Good hygiene is the best way to guarantee a good booking.
  • Do I need to bring condoms?
    No, I've got all the essentials covered, allowing you to fully savour the experience.
  • Do you see people of my age (18+)/background/body type?
    I only discriminate based on manners.
  • It’s my first time seeing an escort, how long should I book for?
    It's hard to have a fun and relaxed first-time experience when you are being rushed. For this reason I have found three hours is the perfect amount, giving us time to connect and explore each other's mind and bodies and ensure you get the most out of the experience.
  • Do you drink?
    Neither Lulu or I are big drinkers. Our little frames make us massive lightweights and prone to nasty hangovers. Don’t let that stop you from bringing your favourite bottle of wine to the booking, we may try a few sips.
  • It’s been 24 hours. Why haven’t you replied to my message?
    Please take the time to read my profile before contacting me. My preferred method of contact is my booking form or by including all the same information in a text. As I receive a high volume of messages, I’m selective with who I take the time and energy to respond to.
  • What's a bisexual threesome?
    My favourite booking! For Lulu and I, a bisexual threesome is when everyone is playing together. Some fancy moments just watching Lulu and I, while others love being the centre of attention. We'll chat with you at the beginning of the booking to know your preferences for our time together. We understand that it may feel overwhelming, and we're happy to take the lead with delight and consideration.
  • I have a different question
    Please include additional questions when submitting your booking request.
  • Is it legal?
    Yes, sex work is legal in NSW.
  • I’m nervous!
    Nerves are expected and completely normal. You’re meeting up with a cute internet stranger! I go out of my way to help you feel comfy and at ease. Nerves often fade once the conversation starts flowing. Please share if there’s something specifically making you nervous so I can help address it. There are so many positives to come of this- meaningful connection, fun experiences, and personal growth through new interactions. What are you giving up by holding yourself back?
  • Do you see virgins or people with little experience?
    Yes, I believe in making sex a comfortable and enjoyable experience, especially for those who are new to it. I'm grateful that you've chosen me. It's important to remember that you only get better through practice and I enjoy guiding and teaching in those situations. For those who are feeling particularly brave, you're welcome to book with both Lulu and I. Some have found that having the energy in the room split three ways can take the pressure off.
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