Bisexual threesome experience

with Lulu Valentine.


A serendipitous meeting lured Lulu and I together, and while the world took a pause we forged our own universe.


Through tender touches while snorkelling Sydney’s coastal waters, lingering gazes over cups of tea, and leisurely hikes punctuated by longing, but careful carresses; we realised amongst our mutual interests, that the interest between us was indeed, mutual, and the adventure filled flirtation hasn’t stopped since.


Though we hadn’t realised, we’d been waiting for each other for a long time… do you care to explore with us?




Incall from Sydney CBD
Inclusive of both Poppy’s and Lulu’s time


3 hours: $3300 FAVOURITE BOOKING

2 hours: $2300 

1 ½ hours: $1800

1 hour min: $1200